Corporate Jet Investor Quarterly: Top 10 eVTOL pioneers and more


The top 10 leading eVTOL pioneers are profiled in the latest edition of Corporate Jet Investor Quarterly (CJIQ). Alongside the future of air taxis, we explain why connectivity aboard business jets has reached a “watershed moment”, examine the promise of engine connectivity, remember the late Athar Husain Khan. And we chat to the family who run London Biggin Airport , six minutes away from central London by heli-shuttle, and deliver more insights from the fast-paced world of private jet aviation.

Joby Avation, Vertical Aerospace and Archer Aviation are just three of the pioneers in our feature. With next year earmarked as entry into service for the front runners, we examine how they raise capital, navigate their flight path through aircraft design, plan target markets and winning certification approvals. eVTOLS: Commercial take off in the 2020s?

CJIQ’s exclusive survey of the latest trends in private jet connectivity reveals a “Watershed moment”, according to our research partner Inmarsat. Our exclusive survey of nearly 100 private jet owners, charter operators, corporates, fractionals, brokers and advisers, uncovers the latest connectivity trends and preferences. We capture the current state of private jet aviation connectivity in just eight questions. CJI Connectivity Survey: Reveals ‘watershed moment’ 

Staying with connectivity, we explore how monitoring jet power plants in-flight can alert technicians to emerging problems in real time. This exciting new technology can improve engine efficiency, cut maintenance down time and costs and help to save lives, according to the leading manufacturers and other businesses we consulted. Engine connectivity: Revving up to reap the benefits

This edition also pays tribute to the late Athar Husain Khan, former secretary-general, European Business Aviation Association. Talking to colleagues and friends on both sides of the Atlantic, it’s clear business aviation lost a passionate advocate with the sad passing of Khan earlier this year. Remembering Athar Husain Khan

Three aviation businesses featuring in this edition are ACASS, EY Law and London Biggin Hill Airport. ACASS offers insight on aircraft management. Managing aircraft for clients is demanding at the best of times and even more difficult during a global pandemic, according to the Montreal company. (ACASS makes a second appearance in our Day in the Life section – details to follow). Aircraft management: Insight from ACASS

Legal specialists EY Law explains the three factors, it says, are influencing progress on sustainability in business aviation. The sustainability challenge: Three key drivers 

London Biggin Hill Airport takes centre stage in our Aircraft Family feature. Andrew Walters, who with his son Robert, runs the iconic Biggin on the Bump, recalls how the location has proved pivotal three times in his life. And how to navigate the potential benefits and pitfalls of managing a family aviation business. Aircraft Family: ‘Biggin Hill in my blood since 22’ 

We also report from Austria from the factory of jet interiors specialist F/LIST. We report how the business is creating a new world of shapeshifting cabin furniture, thanks to the novel materials it has created. F/LIST: Cabin shapeshifters save space 

Some 600 business leaders attended our London conference in February this year. The twin themes were the viability of business aviation and how to improve its sustainability record. We catch a flavour of both the debate and the many networking events delegates enjoyed. CJI London 2023 and CJI London Party

We close this edition with planes and an industry personality. Jet Data delivers all the key metrics covering business jet performance, cabin and exterior dimensions and, of course, prices in our handy guide. Jet Data: The vital numbers you need to know.

The personality featuring in our popular Day in the Life feature is Zipporah Marmor, vice president Aircraft Transactions at aviation brokerage, management and services company ACASS. Here’s how Marmor juggles her role at ACASS, with her position as chair of International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) and motherhood before finding time to lift 250lbs weights for fun. We weigh up her busy day. Day in the Life: Zipporah Marmor, ACASS 

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