Korean Air delivers first fuselage for Boeing AH-6 helicopter programme


Korean Air has delivered the first AH-6 helicopter fuselage commissioned by Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS). The South Korean flag carrier has worked closely with US company Kencoa Aerospace to deliver the fuselage. Manufacture of the helicopter fuselage requires specialised technology – particularly for parts such as the canopy and landing gear – according to Korean Air.

Korean Air signed a contract with Boeing in December 2021 to manufacture eight fuselages for AH-6 helicopters that will undergo final assembly by BDS. The carrier plans to extend its partnership with Boeing to expand its overseas sales and new aircraft development and manufacturing business.

The first manufacturer of the 500MD helicopter in Korea, Korean Air produced and sold 309 500MD helicopters to the military, public institutions, private companies and the military from 1977 to 1988. The airline has also produced and exported 516 500MD fuselage, and recently, successfully carried out an unmanned 500MD project.