Sikorsky ‘committed to the S-92A and its commercial customers’


Sikorsky has delivered three SAR helicopters to two Korean SAR operators this year.

The Lockheed Martin company Sikorsky has again pledged its commitment to the manufacture and support of S-92A commercial helicopters.

Leon Silva, vice president of Sikorsky’s Global Commercial and Military Systems told Helicopter Investor: “Sikorsky is committed to the S-92A and our commercial customers. Sikorsky delivered three SAR helicopters to two Korean search and rescue [SAR] operators this year.”

Sikorsky also has three S-92As in production at West Palm Beach, Florida. The spokesman went on to explain the nature of the demand. “We are experiencing an increased demand signal for S-92 in the offshore oil, SAR, head-of-state and utility missions with new and existing customers and are now taking orders for additional S92A+ aircraft.”

Meanwhile, Pat Sheedy, president and CEO, of lessor Milestone Aviation told our HI Finance Forum at the European Rotors event in Madrid that a number of S-92s were approaching the end of their primary mission life in the oil and gas sector.

From 2024/2025, the first S-92s will reach 20 years of age, he said. That’s the limit oil companies regard as the end of helicopters’ primary mission. Milestone estimates 10 to 15 S-92s will hit that 20-year cut off every year from 2025 onwards. Read our full report on the Helicopter Finance Forum here.