HI Uplift: LCI Analytics launched to offer actionable insights on rotorcraft & AAM


LCI Analytics will offer advisory, consultancy and research services for rotorcraft and the AAM sectors

Operating lessor LCI has launched LCI Analytics, a new independent division to deliver actionable insights via advisory, consultancy and research services focusing on mission-critical rotorcraft and advanced air mobility (AAM). Sectors covered include: the energy sector, emergency medical services (EMS) and search and rescue (SAR). The new division will be led by Steve Robertson, who has become its MD.

Jaspal Jandu, CEO, LCI told Helicopter Investor: “The aviation and energy markets are increasingly being driven by the forces of efficiency, sustainability and scalability. Finding solutions to such challenges involves understanding them first and this is where LCI Analytics steps in. We are proud to be developing an industry-first capability with LCI Analytics.”

The new division will publish regular in-depth research and forecasts and use its in-house knowledge, experience and computing power to deliver actionable, real-time insights from big data, according to the company. “LCI Analytics is well placed to serve the marketplace with a range of actionable insights that will enable stakeholders such as governments, developers, manufacturers, operators and investors to make effective decisions,” says the company.

Offshore wind sector

Its reports will be designed to have applications in market research, business planning, fund-raising and mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Modern projects are growing ever larger and final investment decisions more complex, it highlights. For example, in the offshore wind sector, the optimisation of exploration, development, crew transfer and de- and re-commissioning requires a sound understanding across a broad range of disciplines. “LCI Analytics will have the capability to look at parts of the value chain, such as crew transfer and map out optimised schedules for any given wind farm and will be able to provide cost as well as CO2 metrics for the entire operation,” says the company.

Revealing the scale of the challenge, LCI highlights the Global Wind Energy Council’s forecast of more than 380GW of offshore wind capacity, across 32 markets, predicted to be added in the next 10 years (2023-2032).

LCI Analytics’ independence from LCI Aviation is a point the company highlights. “LCI Analytics will operate as a constitutionally independent unit serving third parties with a mix of revenue-generating off-the-shelf reports, as well as digital tools and data,” the company tells us. “In addition, we will aim to bolster the rigour and understanding of advanced air mobility markets, and also around issues such as sustainability in the rotorcraft market. Building a credible, knowledgeable and reputable brand across such areas is our goal.” 

New MD, Robertson, formerly founder and principal of helicopter research and consulting firm Air & Sea Analytics, has become a full-time employee of LCI Analytics and will be based in London. He will have access to specialist developers, academics and computing resources as required.

Millions of flight data points

It looks like he’s going to need them. As part of its industry monitoring, LCI Analytics plans to combine millions of flight data points from proprietary and third-party sources. It will also operate one of the world’s largest private networks of ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast) flight-tracking receivers. This data will be used to track key metrics, such as supply, demand, costs and emissions, and will identify future hotspots. Applications include new AAM networks and rapidly rising demand for logistical operations to support offshore wind farms.

It’s a timely launch for the new business, according to LCI. With the maturation of both the helicopter industry and also participants, such as lessors, financiers and investors, real-world data, benchmarking/back testing and actionable insights are becoming basic requirements, it says. “If we look across at other asset intensive industries such as fixed wing, engines, railways and shipping, we see a growing adoption of analytics as they branch out into new products, new development spending, new markets, new sources of finance and new investors,” says the company.

So, what proportion of the new business’ time will be devoted to advanced air mobility?AAM will feature as a part of our work as customers, operators and governments begin to map out what such networks will look like,” says the company. “We will bring both ongoing research coverage and bespoke consulting solutions to market to support the developing AAM market.”

Meanwhile, we will leave the last words to LCI Analytics’ new MD Steve Robertson. “I am delighted to have launched LCI Analytics,” he tells us. “Last year was a fulfilling time of growth and, with the resources I now have available, I have an exciting opportunity ahead to go far further than was previously possible.”  If you enjoyed reading this newsletter, please encourage colleagues to sign up here.  Thanks.

Steve Robertson is the new MD of LCI Analytics.