NHV Group wins contract extension with Dutch Maritime Pilots’ Association


NHV Group has won a contract extension with the Dutch Pilots’ Organisation and will update its fleet with two Airbus H145 D3s. (Photo credit: Tiebe Matton).

Helicopter services company NHV Group has won a contract extension with the Dutch Maritime Pilot’s Association (Nederlandse loodsencorporatie) to support maritime pilotage services in the Netherlands. Under the terms of the new long-term contract, NHV will continue to support the Dutch pilotage service from Pistoolhaven, Rotterdam and will re-equip the current fleet with new generation aircraft.

NHV is updating its Dauphin AS365N3 fleet with two Airbus H145 D3s. “While the Dauphin aircraft have been known for their reliability, the advanced features of the H145 ensure improved reliability and efficiency, aligning with NHV’s commitment to excellence,” according to the operator.

The contract extension will see NHV operating the new Airbus H145 D3 aircraft from Pistoolhaven from the start of 2025. The operator flies maritime pilots to and from large vessels navigating through Dutch harbours, particularly during adverse weather conditions.

Bart Sinnaeve, director of Operations at NHV Group’s Helicopter Services and West Africa Business Unit welcomed the contract extension. “The continuation of our successful partnership with Dutch Pilots’ Organisation, supported by the introduction of the new fleet of aircraft, marks a significant milestone,” said Sinnaeve. “We are immensely proud to have been selected by the team at Dutch Pilots’ Organisation to continue our long-term collaboration.”

Elco Oskam, manager, Operations Rotterdam-Rijnmond region at the pilot’s organisation said NHV has proved a reliable partner with excellent customer focus. “Dutch Pilots’ Organisation is pleased with the extension of our long-term collaboration in a new contract with NHV,” said Oskam. “With a future renewal of the fleet as part of the contract we look forward to a new era in which our marine pilots are supported in their business in a safe and sustainable manner.”