Japan Coast Guard grows fleet with three H225s


The latest order of three Super Pumas will take the coastguard's fleet to 18 aircraft.

The Japan Coast Guard (JCG) has ordered an extra three Super Puma H225 helicopters, to swell its total H225 fleet to 18 aircraft. The helicopters will be tasked with supporting territorial coastal activities, maritime law enforcement and disaster relief missions.

JCG is the country’s largest Super Puma operator. It received three H225s in December 2023 and one in February 2024.

Jean-Luc Alfonsi, MD, Airbus Helicopters in Japan said the coast guard has been an active operator of Super Pumas for 30 years. “This follow-on order demonstrates the customer’s confidence in our products and the dedicated support to their fleet,” said Alfonsi. “We believe the H225 is the perfect choice for JCG’s critical missions for law enforcement, as well as coastal and island protection, given its versatility in all weather conditions.”

The coast guard’s H225 fleet is covered by Airbus’ HCare Smart full-by-the-hour material support, he added. This customised fleet availability programme is designed to enable the agency to focus on its flight operations while Airbus manages its assets.

The H225 has benefited from Airbus Helicopters’ continuous improvement policy, according to the manufacturer. Its new avionics, including what are claimed to be the largest screens available on the market, and its autopilot systems cuts pilots’ workload and enables them to focus on the mission, it claimed.

“Offering the industry’s best range, speed, payload and reliability in the 11-ton-category twin-engine rotorcraft, the H225 offers outstanding endurance and fast cruise speed, and can be fitted with various equipment to suit a variety of roles,” said Airbus Helicopters.

Japan’s Ministry of Defence and parapublic operators have a combined fleet of 24 H225s. Missions include search and rescue missions, VIP flights, fire-fighting and passenger and goods transport.