HTM signs for up to three Airbus H145s for offshore wind ops


HTM Helicopters has one H145 on order with options on two more units.

Offshore rotary operator HTM Helicopters has ordered one Airbus H145 aircraft, with options for two further units. The new helicopter will fly offshore wind missions, transporting technicians and materials to wind farm turbines off the coasts of Germany and France.

Bernd Brucherseifer, MD HTM Helicopters said over the past 15 years offshore wind projects have moved further out from the coast and require additional payload, which led the operator to add additional H145s to its fleet. “In addition to excellent OEI performance, the helicopter offers the chance to quickly perform role changes for various customer missions and is very reliable and easy to maintain,” said Brucherseifer. Describing the H145 as “the perfect tool” for the operation and maintenance phase in offshore wind operations, he predicted significantly more demand for the helicopter in the near future.

Axel Humpert, senior vice president and head of the H145 Programme at Airbus said the H145 is “ideally suited” for offshore wind operations due to the significant capacity it offers for transporting passengers and cargo, plus its hover performance for hoisting operations. “As our long-standing partner, we’re pleased HTM has seen the value that the H145 provides and continued to place their trust in our helicopters as they expand their fleet.”

HTM was the first operator to take delivery of a five-bladed H145 to be used for offshore wind operations in 2021. Late last year, HTM’s aircraft was used in a world-premiere trial led by Airbus to hoist two crew members into the nacelles of floating wind turbines in Hywind Tampen.

The latest order means HTM’s fleet features 18 Airbus helicopters, including a mix of H125s, H135s and H145s in use to support a variety of missions. The operator’s total H145 fleet will grow to eight helicopters, with a further two aircraft as options. Five H145s will be used to support offshore missions, with a further two aircraft available as options.

More than 1,675 Airbus H145 helicopters are in service worldwide, having logged over 7.6m flight hours.