Eurocopter Canada sells first AS350 B3e to Slave Lake Helicopters


Slave Lake Helicopters of Alberta, Canada orders Eurocopter's first AS350 B3e aircraft

Eurocopter Canada has announced the sale of the first AS350 B3e to Slave Lake Helicopters of Alberta, Canada.

The AS350 B3em features a more powerful Turbomeca Arriel 2D turbo shaft engine, a new digital Full Authority Digital Engine Control and is fitted with an engine data recorder

“The selection of the AS350B3e for Slave Lake’s operations was easy; the new helicopter fits well with our expansion plans because it gives us the ability to work effectively in mountainous regions and over larger territories” said Mr. George Kelham, owner of Slave Lake Helicopters. “Our customers rely on us to fly the latest in new technology aircraft”.

The AS350B3e was launched at Heli-Expo 2011.

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