Zhuhai Helicopter signs contract for three Sikorsky helicopters


China Southern Airlines’ Zhuhai Helicopter branch agrees to acquire three helicopters, two S-92s and one S-76

Sikorsky Aircraft and China Southern Airlines’ Zhuhai
Helicopter Branch company held a signing ceremony at the first China Helicopter
Exposition in Tianjin
for the purchase of two Sikorsky S-92 and one S-76 by Zhuhai Helicopter. The
new acquisitions are aimed at supporting the ever-expanding offshore oil
operations in the South China Sea by Zhuhai’s

Zhuhai Helicopter Branch is among the major
helicopter operators supporting offshore oil operations in China. The
company has used Sikorsky helicopters since 1984 to transport oil workers for
such companies as China National Offshore Oil Corp., Chevron and ExxonMobil.
Currently, Zhuhai Helicopter Branch operates the largest S-76 helicopter fleet
in China and Asia, and will have 13 S-76 and three S-92 helicopters in
its rotorcraft fleet when the three new aircraft are delivered.

Sikorsky vice president Shane Eddy said,
“Sikorsky and Zhuhai Helicopter have enjoyed a very strong relationship
for nearly 30 years, based on the safe and reliable performance of our
helicopters serving Zhuhai’s customers in the offshore oil and other market
segments. Since 2007, Zhuhai has purchased nine Sikorsky helicopters including
three S-92 medium weight helicopters. We appreciate the continued partnership
with Zhuhai and will continue working together to meet the increasing needs of China’s
offshore oil industry.”

Captain LI, Jiahua, president of Zhuhai Helicopter
Branch, also expressed a strong interest in continuing to work with Sikorsky
for further developing the market in the years to come.