Thousand hours in a month for Aberdeen simulator


Eurocopter EC225 simulator at Aberdeen has clocked up 1,000 hours in September 2011

EC225 simulator at AberdeenEurocopter
Aberdeen has announced that their EC225 simulator has been used for 1,000 hours
in September. This simulator which has
demonstrated more than 98% availability over the first six months of operation
has already delivered instructor, conversion and recurrent training to more
than 200 pilots. Following UK Civil Aviation Authority, Brazilian and Malaysian
authority’s certification, Transport of Canada certification was received on 15
September 2011.

“Safety is a top priority for Eurocopter, and providing the best training for
our global operators with highly capable devices such as the Aberdeen EC225
simulator is central to our strategy”, said Eurocopter chief executive officer
Lutz Bertling. “It represents the company’s major investments in a global
network of simulators, which will be further expanded in the months and years
to come at other locations worldwide.”

In addition to the high-fidelity EC225 full flight simulator, Eurocopter’s
Aberdeen Centre also has an integrated Part Task Trainer for the FLIR
(forward-looking infrared) camera that is used in search and rescue (including
4 axis, specific SAR modes and hoist loads), allowing SAR mission training with
front and rear crews fully integrated into the simulation.

Moreover, Eurocopter implemented a high level debriefing station able to replay
the training sessions whilst looking at all the instruments.

“Our North Sea Service
Center is the incarnation of our
customer’s wishes and of our dedication to Life cycle support and consequently
has become the worldwide benchmark for Services to the Oil and Gas helicopter
industry” says Markus Steinke, managing director of Eurocopter UK.

Additional EC225 full flight simulators are planned for installation by
Eurocopter in China, Brazil and Malaysia,
whilst for the AS365 Dauphin N3 helicopter are to be located in France and Singapore.

“This is part of our strategy to be present locally in markets around the
world, facilitating our customers’ operations through the full availability of
Eurocopter services”, said Philippe Crespo, vice president Worldwide Training
Services. “We are increasing our training footprint from the four simulators
operated by Eurocopter four years ago to a total of 20 by the end of 2013,
which represents a major commitment by the company.”

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