Engines for new Sikorsky gains type certificate


The Sikorsky S-76D helicopter moves closer to certification as Pratt & Whitney engines gain type certificate

Sikorsky S-76DSikorsky has achieved a
milestone in the S-76D helicopter programme with Transport Canada certifying the Pratt & Whitney Canada
PW210S engines.

The engine certification signifies that the
PW210S engine has completed all required certification tests and complies with
all regulatory requirements. Pratt & Whitney Canada has accumulated more than
8,700 hours in test cells and flight tests on the engine. A type certificate
E-36 was issued for the PW210S engine on 14 October.

“We have conducted a robust test program to
ensure that this engine is ready to enter service, so this is a key milestone
in the development of the S-76D helicopter,” said Tim Fox, S-76 helicopter
senior programme manager. “It demonstrates that the engine’s capabilities meet
or exceed regulatory requirements. It propels Sikorsky another step closer to
certification of this exciting new aircraft.”

Fox said the Federal Aviation Administration
(FAA) validation, followed by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)
validation, of the Canadian type certificate is expected in the coming months.
Delivery of the first aircraft to the launch customer is slated for 2012.

“With every milestone achieved by the S-76D
helicopter program, the legacy of the Sikorsky S-76 series grows,” said Ed
Beyer, vice president of Sikorsky Global Helicopters. “The medium-size
helicopter market is ready for the enhanced functionality, improved quiet ride,
and power that the S-76D helicopter offers. Our customers are embracing the
advances in technology and new efficiencies, and we are focused on delivering
on all counts.”

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