Bristow Group signs contract for S-76 FFS


Bristow Group and Frasca International sign contract for a Sikorsky S76 full flight simulator

Bristow Group has signed a contract with
Frasca International to sell a Sikorsky S-76 Level B Full Flight Simulator
(FFS) which will also be qualified Level 3 Flight training device to CAA
standards. In addition to the S76 device, Frasca has delivered two Level B full
flight simulators for the Eurocopter EC225 and Sikorsky S-92 aircraft. The
simulators are in use at in training operations in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The S-76 simulator is scheduled for delivery
in April of 2013.

“We at Frasca are very excited to continue
to work with Bristow Group as we continue building more advanced devices and
incorporating our latest technology into these devices. We believe that our
investment in technology, our excellent customer service and the outstanding
people in our organization combined to make this relationship with the Bristow
Group succeed. It’s apparent from this purchase that Bristow is a true leader
in helicopter training, and we look forward to working with them,”
commented John Frasca, president of Frasca International.

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