New helipad opened in Cayman Islands


Cayman Islands Helicopters opened a new waterfront helipad

Cayman Islands Helicopter AS350Recently,
Cayman Islands Helicopters opened a new helipad on the George Town waterfront.

“At the
moment, cruise ship passengers get off the ships and turn right,” Jerome Begot,
owner of Cayman Islands Helicopters said.

“Businesses to the left of the port
do not attract quite the same numbers. I hope the new helipad will be an
additional attraction to lure tourists this end of the waterfront.”

Photo: Jerome and Natalie Begot with Eurocopter AS350 on new helipad

continued “I think it will be good for the island. For example, the Lobster
Pot, we hope to boost their business, too. Now cruise ship passengers will take
a trip with us and see the restaurant and perhaps decide to take lunch there,
when formerly they would not have spotted it.” 

passengers don’t have to waste time,” Begot said. “It’s just a five minute
walk. It’s a good business move. My business is more visible now.” 

“It was
tough to find a suitable place to meet all the regulations, but it is great
that we are finally here.”

“I’ve had
a lot of support from the business people around me, from government and the Civil
Aviation Authority.”