Duke Life Flight chooses Metro Aviation


Metro Aviation will complete two EC145 helicopters for first time customer Duke Life Flight

Metro Aviation logoMetro Aviation will complete
two Eurocopter EC145 helicopters for first time customer, Duke Life Flight. Duke Life Flight has been
operating two EC135 helicopters for a number of years and has decided to
replace them with two EC145s, these will be completed by Metro Aviation.

“The larger cabin of the EC145 combined with the state
of the art medical interior and avionics suite from Metro Aviation, Inc., will
give us additional capabilities and safety features,” stated Henry Ward,
administrative director, Duke Life Flight.

Ward continued “With the EC145s, we will be able to
accommodate more equipment, larger patients, and expand to three clinicians
when needed. This allows us to support a wider variety of missions and deliver
our patients the care they require.”

Completions of the EC145 helicopters are underway and delivery
of the final completed aircraft is expected in March 2012.


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