German Federal Police EC135s reach milestone


Federal Police EC135 helicopters have now logged 100, 000 flight hours

EC135 German Federal PoliceThe German Federal Police
EC135 helicopter fleet has reached a milstone by flying 100, 000 hours. The
helicopters perform tasks such as law enforcement, security and emergency
medical services across Germany.

“The flight time logged by
the German Federal Police marks a true milestone for the EC135, as this capable
aircraft is given increasingly diverse operational duties for civil security missions
in Germany,” said Eurocopter executive vice president of programmes Wolfgang
Schoder. “It is further evidence of Eurocopter’s commitment to delivering
state-of-the art products that enable law enforcement agencies to meet
demanding missions both today and in the future.”

The German Federal Police operates a fleet of 41 Eurocopter EC135 helicopters.

“We appreciate the flexibility and the mission portfolio of the EC135 combined
with its outstanding reliability,” said Thomas Helbig, head of the German
Federal Police Air Support Service. “The specific mission that achieved the
100,000th flight hour perfectly showcases the capabilities of the EC135:
Carried out at nighttime with NVGs and a FLIR during a railway surveillance
mission, the crew was able to detect the suspects in the very act and
coordinate the pursuit, resulting in the successful arrest of the offenders.”

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