First GrandNew VIP sale in Japan


AgustaWestland and Kaigai Aviotech announce first VIP sale

AgustaWestland GrandNewAgustaWestland and Kaigai Aviotech Corporation have announced the first sale
of a GrandNew helicopter for corporate/VIP transport in the Japanese market.
The aircraft is scheduled to be delivered to its customer in late 2012.

The GrandNew in addition to having now been selected for VIP/corporate
transport role in Japan
is all ready in service performing electronic news gathering and emergency
medical services.

The aircraft will feature a five seat “Elite” cabin interior. Orders for more than 300 helicopters from the Grand series have been
placed by over 180 customers in almost 40 countries worldwide, in order to
perform many tasks including VIP/corporate and passenger transport, EMS, SAR,
electronic newsgathering, harbour pilot shuttle, maritime patrol and water
pollution monitoring.


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