RLC will use Quantum MRO and Logistics software


Helicopter operator will use software to initiate preventative maintenance programmes

Component Control announced
that customer RLC is leveraging Quantum MRO and Logistics software to implement
trend-based preventative maintenance programs that improve helicopter
performance and reduce downtime. RLC, certified by the FAA to provide
full-service helicopter maintenance, currently operates 10 aircraft bases and
maintains a 10,000 square-foot parts department.

“Quantum has outperformed previous software solutions by connecting all of our
business processes,” said Joyce Cornett, inventory systems manager at RLC. “At
our fingertips, we have complete knowledge of aircraft maintenance records and
parts traceability, and can view inventory at our 10 bases from any base
location. This real-time information enables us to identify maintenance trends
and options prior to new requirements emerging. And the complete integration
simplifies the management of aircraft data, increasing our overall fleet
efficiency and allowing us to quickly and accurately respond to our customers.”

RLC also lists over 17,000 stock lines to StockMarket.aero, Component Control’s
free online inventory listing service for aviation parts. “The StockMarket
module has efficiently diversified our service offerings to a broader customer
base while enabling us to remain focused on our core business,” said Cornett.


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