Broward County Sheriff orders third EC135


County Sheriff orders another Eurocopter helicopter

American Eurocopter recently
announced the purchase of an EC135 helicopter by the Broward County Sheriff’s
Office (BCSO) in Florida, the third EC135 in its fleet and the fourth
Eurocopter aircraft overall.

Two of BCSO’s EC135
helicopters were built in 1999 and the third helicopter, an EC130, was built in
2003. The addition of the fourth aircraft will allow mechanics to rotate the
helicopters for maintenance and extend the life of the fleet by spreading the
total flight time between more aircraft.

“We’ve flown our aircraft
nearly 8,000 hours,” said Sgt. Dale Owens, who heads up the BCSO aviation
unit. “The new helicopter will allow BCSO to safely stay on top of police and
medical emergencies in Broward
County, and we will not
have to hire new pilots or mechanics to do it.”


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