ESEA Dauphin commences work


Eurocopter Sea East Asia AS365 Dauphin N3/N3+ full flight simulator in Singapore started work in early April 2012, company has received bookings from five customers already

Eurocopter AS365 FFS SingaporeThe AS365 Dauphin N3/N3+
full flight simulator installed at the Eurocopter Sea East Asia centre in Singapore began
work in early April 2012.

Mainly targeted at Dauphin
pilots in Asia Pacific and the Middle East, the FFS is also open to other
regions such as North and South America. The
first bookings have been received from five customers, with a total of 38
pilots coming from Australia,
Bangladesh, India, Korea
and the United Arab Emirates.

The first batch of trainees
arrived in early April and around 100 pilots are expected to be trained this
year. An annual target of 3,000 FFS training hours is expected to be achieved
in four years’ time.

“Safety has always been a
top priority for Eurocopter. This Full Flight Simulator will provide Dauphin
pilots with high quality training in a completely safe environment,” said
Bernhard Brenner, president and chief executive of Eurocopter South East Asia.
“With the FFS located in a strategic location like Singapore, we will be able to
provide our customers, as well as customers of other Eurocopter subsidiaries,
with specialized training services at shorter turnaround times and lower costs
as well.”

The Dauphin AS365N3/N3+ FFS
at ESEA TC is Eurocopter’s 17th FFS around the world.


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