Romania orders two more EC135 helicopters


The Romanian Ministry of Health orders another two EC135, these new helicopters will be delivered in 2012

Eurocopter EC135 SMURDThe Romanian Ministry of
Health has ordered another two Eurocopter EC135 helicopters.

This new agreement will lead
to deliveries of the latest two EC135s during 2012, and provides follow-on to
an initial helicopter ordered and delivered last year in the framework contract
with the Eurocopter Romania affiliate. As part of the mission equipment, Romania’s rotorcrafts are outfitted with an
emergency medical services kit provided by Austria’s Air Ambulance Technology.

The Romanian Ministry of
Health’s EC135 helicopter fleet will be used for emergency medical missions.

EC135s have been demonstrating for many years their capabilities in meeting the
country’s mission needs for law enforcement and emergency medical missions,
including operations performed during the recent severe winter,” said
Jean-Louis Mascle, the chief executive of Eurocopter Romania. “We have committed our
company’s full resources to support Romania’s expanding Eurocopter
fleet, as well assisting in its development of a national medical evacuation

Photograph copyright Eurocopter

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