Eurocopter X3 at the Pentagon


Eurocopter completes its US tour by landing in the grounds of the Pentagon and being on static display

Eurocopter X3Eurocopter announced that it
had completed its US
tour of the X3 at the Pentagon, where the aircraft landed and was on
static display.

The tour began when the X3 made its debut at the Grand
Prairie, Texas headquarters of
Eurocopter’s US
subsidiary, American Eurocopter.

“Bringing the X3 to United
States was a significant opportunity to
showcase the aircraft’s technology and capability to a wide variety of
customers,” said Eurocopter president and chief executive Lutz Bertling. 
“The feedback we received from commercial, government and military customers
who flew the X3 was overwhelmingly positive.  It is clear that
this technology will change the helicopter industry.”

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