Midlands Air Ambulance orders new helicopter


MAAC orders a Eurocopter EC135 T2e at the start of National Air Ambulance Week, this new aircraft will replace one of three helicopters leased from Bond Air Services.

EAAA Ec135 T2 at CambridgeThe Midland Air Ambulance has ordered a Eurocopter EC135 T2e to replace one of three leased helicopters from Bond Air Service. The new EC135T2e will be fitted out in readiness for full Night HEMS flying. MAAC will continue to use Bond as its fleet operator.

MAAC hope to take delivery of the new aircraft in September 2013. Hanna Sebright, CEO of MAAC, said: “The purchase of our first new aircraft marks another significant milestone in our history. I cannot emphasise strongly enough; none of this would have been possible without the support of the public that support our life saving service.”

Sebright added: “We are very proud of the relationship MAAC has with WMAS and together we provide a gold standard life saving service that is the busiest Air Ambulance operation in England and Wales. With the on-going support of the public across our region, we will continue look at new and innovative ways to provide the very best in patient care in situations of major trauma.”

Chris Greenhill, from Bond Air Services said: “We are delighted with this significant contract award which underpins the longstanding relationship that we have enjoyed with both the Charity and Ambulance Service since operations began in 1991. We look forward to working with MAAC to fully develop the potential for night operations in the region.”

Steve Wheaton, assistant chief ambulance officer for West Midland Ambulance Service said: “The announcement today that the charity has not only reappointed Bond as its operator but has also taken the decision to purchase an aircraft with night flying capability is fantastic news for all concerned. Operationally we demand only the very best in care for our patients across the West Midlands and both Bond and the charity continue to ensure on a daily basis that those demands are met. The potential to extend the service operating hours into the night is a fantastic development which we will pursue together.”

Photograph: East Anglian Air Ambulance Eurocopter EC135 T2e at Cambridge during BGAD 2012, similiar to the one ordered by Midland Air Ambulance