STAT MedEvac ordered five Eurocopter helicopters


STAT MedEvac ordered five new IFR twin engined aircraft, three EC135 T2e and two EC145 helicopters. All five helicopters are now in service.

Eurocopter EC145STAT MedEvac has continued to upgrade its fleet with the addition of five American Eurocopter twin-engine aircraft – three EC135 T2e helicopters and two EC145 helicopters.

STAT MedEvac took delivery of the aircraft from April to June of this year with all being placed into service following their completion by Metro Aviation.

“As we upgrade our helicopters, we always thoroughly evaluate the aircraft available,” said Doug Garretson, president and chief executive officer of STAT MedEvac. “We chose the EC135s and the EC145s from American Eurocopter. It comes down to product performance and support. They currently are the best products for our missions and the team at American Eurocopter works with us to help ensure that our aircraft are available to meet the needs of our crews and our customers.”

STAT MedEvac now has a fleet of 21 aircraft consisting of 14 EC135s and seven EC145s.

“American Eurocopter enjoys a near 30 year relationship with STAT Medevac,” said American Eurocopter vice president of commercial sales and marketing, Treg Manning. “They have grown from a single ship, VFR operation to the largest, and one of the premier, twin engine, IFR air medical programs in the country. STAT has continued to enhance their intense focus on safety while transitioning to their own part 135 and a 21-aircraft operation. We are truly proud to have been part of this evolution and their success.”