Brevard County buys two AS350 B3e helicopters


Brevard County, Florida has purchased two AS350 B3e helicopters from American Eurocopter, to be used for mosquito control and firefighting along the Florida east coast.

American Eurocopter announced at the NBAA in Orlando that Brevard County, Florida, has purchased two AS350 B3e helicopters. The aircraft will be utilised for mosquito control, firefighting and herbicide application throughout the county, which is located along Florida’s east coast, replacing an AS350 B3 and two 206Bs currently being used.

“We carefully considered our options before making the purchase,” said Brevard County mosquito control director, Craig Simmons. “Our main focus was searching for a proven aircraft that could carry heavy exterior loads for mosquito control spray applications, while maintaining considerable flight range. The low acquisition and operating costs for the new AS350 B3e, along with the extra payload and safety features of the aircraft, were a perfect fit for our operations.”

The aircraft will primarily be used for mosquito control in Brevard County, which experiences extreme and heavy mosquito breeding activity countywide.

“We are extremely pleased to once again provide our products and services to Brevard County,” said American Eurocopter vice president of Commercial Sales and Marketing, Treg Manning. “We beieve the increased performance and safety features of the B3e will enhance their mission capabilities.”

The aircraft are scheduled for delivery in July 2013.

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