GE’s newest turboshaft engine gets FAA certification


The CT7-2E1 turboshaft has received the FAA certification, this engine is the powerplant for the AgustaWestland AW189 helicopter.

The CT7-2E1 turboshaft engine has received certification from the FAA

The CT7-2E1 engine is used to power AgustaWestland’s AW189 helicopter.

The CT7-2E1 engine is the latest civil-certified addition to the CT7/T700 family of engines with a full authority digital electronic control (FADEC) system and hot section for power and reliability.

“We are very pleased with the successful certification of the CT7-2E1,” said Lisa Coroa-Bockley, GE’s CT7 programs director. “GE has a proven track record of continuously advancing engines with new technology to support the extensive demands for power, quality and reliability of new aircraft applications. The AW189 is an example of a great match of an advanced new helicopter with state-of-the-art engine technology.”

The first production-certified CT7-2E1 engines will be delivered to AgustaWestland later this month.

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