Eurocopter EC225s to resume worldwide operations


Eurcopter EC225 Superpuma

The EC225 helicopter will return to full operations worldwide starting this month.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulatory authority have validated the safety measures, which were developed by Eurocopter after an extensive investigation into the main gear box shaft failures of two EC225 helicopters in the North Sea in 2012.

EASA’s validation was followed by the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s lifting of operational restrictions, with the Civil Aviation Authority of Norway following soon after. This allows the full return to service of EC225s worldwide

Also validated by EASA are Eurocopter modifications to the EC225’s main gear box emergency lubrication system that ensure its full performance throughout the flight envelope.

“I am convinced that the designed and approved measures are the right ones, allowing a safe return to service of the entire fleet,” said Guillaume Faury, president and CEO of Eurocopter. “Eurocopter’s teams remain entirely mobilized to support our customers in the return to service and full availability of their EC225s. Together, we are committed to a shared priority – safety first.”

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