Sikorsky and Chinese Ministry of Transport sign contracts for eight S-76D helicopters


Sikorsky and the Chinese MOT celebrate the signings of eight S-76D contracts at China Heli-Expo show.
A Sikorsky S-76D heicopter in flight.

A Sikorsky S-76D helicopter in flight.

The Ministry of Transport in China ordered a further four S-76D search and rescue helicopters, after buying four of the aircraft from Sikorsky in December 2012.

The two companies celebrated the signing of the contracts at China Heli-Expo show in Tianjin.

When the eight helicopters are delivered in 2014, the MOT will operate a fleet of 16 S-76 helicopters.

Ed Beyer, vice president of Sikorsky Global Helicopters, said: “Sikorsky is honoured to be selected again by the Chinese government, and we look forward to continuing our 13-year partnership well into the future.”

“That the MOT chose the S-76D helicopter to perform such an important mission demonstrates its confidence with Sikorsky’s products and service. We are especially proud to support China’s maritime search and rescue capabilities with our newest product, the S-76D helicopter,” added Beyer.