West London Heliport will launch by December 2013


Graham Avery chairman of PremiAir Aviation International

Graham Avery, chairman of PremiAir Aviation International, plans to launch “park and ride” West London heliport at Blackbushe Airport.

PremiAir Aviation International is re-branding its Blackbushe Airport facility in Surrey as The West London Heliport and will offer land, park and go services for visiting helicopter arrivals headed for the South-East of England.

The heliport will offer services such as hangarage, stand parking for several larger and smaller aircraft, re-fuelling, line maintenance and a chauffeur service.

Avery claims that landing fees will be at least a third of the price of The Barclays London Heliport and will include chauffeur travel. Blackbushe Airport is located approximately an hour’s drive from London’s where as The London Heliport in Battersea takes around 20 minutes to get into the City.

PremiAir hopes to launch the new heliport by December 2013 and is now finalising the design of its fixed based operation with London-based brand agency Strategic Fusion which has been involved in several business aviation design projects, most notably London Oxford Airport’s Oxfordjet.

The design will see the reception expanded and separate the crew room from the passenger lounge, which will be equipped with wifi, computer and kitchen facilities. The company has also reached agreement with First Class Cars as its preferred ground transportation partner.

“We are very excited about this concept and are looking forward to telling operators about the benefits of using The West London Airport,” said Graham Avery, PremiAir chairman in a press release issued by the company.

“We are allocating an investment £250,000 to create what will be a very attractive helicopter FBO facility and are keen to talk with partners who want to be involved with the development.  The project offers a high profile sponsor opportunity too – potentially a finance or possible luxury brand keen to get a footprint in aviation.”

PremiAir intends to have its own small fleet of executive helicopters at Blackbushe, which will be available for third party charter.