PDG Helicopters celebrates 200,000 flight hours and 40 years of operations


Matthieu Louvot of Eurocopter hands Timothy Laing of PDG Helicopters a certificate for 200,000 flight hours with Markus Steinke of Eurocopter UK on the stand at Helitech 2013 in London © Eurocopter Amelie Laurin

PDG Helicopters celebrates two milestones in their history at Helitech 2013 in London.

PDG Helicopters, an UK helicopter operator, celebrated its fleet of AS350 Squirrel helicopters reaching a combined flight time of 200,000 hours.

Timothy Laing, chairman of PDG Helicopters, joined Markus Steinke, chief executive of Eurocopter UK, on the Eurocopter exhibition stand at Helitech International 2013 to recognise the milestone.

The company also celebrate its 40th year of helicopter operations this year, after launching in 1973.

Steinke said: “We are proud of our long-term relationship with PDG Helicopters, Scotland’s main onshore operator, and are fully committed to support this operator in its daily missions.”

“We have created a true partnership, and look forward to working together over the next decades and beyond,” he added.

“We’ve set new standards in helicopter operations with our Squirrel fleet, and PDG Helicopters has become synonymous for delivering reliable, quality service in all areas of light/medium helicopter usage,” said Laing.

“The Squirrel is ideal given its ability to switch roles very rapidly from utility operations to comfortable passenger transport. As we mark our 40 years in business, our company looks forward to consolidating its dominant position in aerial operations.”

PDG Helicopters Eurocopter AS350B2s can undertake tasks, such as moving live salmon smolts, along with transporting steel and concrete for construction projects.

PDG Helicopters released a short video on firefighting