New film from Shell shows two AW139 helicopters arriving in Brunei


Shell documents the arrival of two AW139 helicopters at Anduki Airfield to join Shell Brunei’s fleet of aircraft.
Two shrink-wrapped AW139 helicopters arrive at Shell Brunei's base at Anduki Airfield.

Two shrink-wrapped AW139 helicopters arrive at Shell Brunei’s base at Anduki Airfield.

Shell Brunei Petroleum recently received two AW139 helicopters from AgustaWestland to almost double the size of its aircraft fleet from three to five.

Shell Global has now produced a short film documenting the team at Shell Brunei receiving the brand new helicopters still in their shrink wrap packaging at Anduki Airfield in Brunei.

The film follows a team of Shell engineers, led by Karl Acornley, product engineer, unwrapping the helicopters from their packaging, inspecting for any signs of damage and getting them ready to carry-out offshore missions over the South China Sea.

The helicopters took one year to arrive after the order was placed with AgustaWestland and the new aircraft are the first AW139s to arrive in Brunei.

Acornley says: “It’s an exciting time for the guys to see brand new helicopters arriving at Anduki, it’s no something that happens very often.”

You can watch the video below or via the Shell website.

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