Sikorsky delivers first S-76D to Bristow Group


Sikorsky delivers the first fully-configured S-76D helicopter to the Bristow Group.
First Bristow Group Sikorsky S-76D flying

First Bristow Group Sikorsky S-76D flying.

Sikorsky Aircraft has delivered its first fully-configured S-76D helicopter to the Bristow Group Inc. The delivery follows an announcement in March 2013 that Bristow would acquire up to 26 S-76D helicopters to transport oil rig workers to and from offshore platforms.

“This delivery marks a historic occasion for Sikorsky as the new S-76D helicopter heads into service, said Carey Bond, president of Sikorsky Global Helicopters. “We are thrilled that the first completed aircraft is going to our highly valued customer, Bristow Group, with which we share a 40-year relationship and a culture of safety and quality.”

“We thank Bristow for their continued trust in our products and proudly look forward to this aircraft joining the Bristow rotorcraft fleet,” added Bond.

In March 2013, Bristow Helicopters won a £1.6 million search and rescue contract (worth around $2.6 million) from the UK government. In the company’s most recent earnings call, the Bristow Group announced it had increased its quarterly profits by $81 million, driven by more activity in West Africa and Europe and the acquisition of Cougar Helicopters.

“Bristow is committed to providing the safest, most reliable and efficient service to our clients, and our S-76 aircraft have done just that by consistently performing a demanding and intensive offshore oil and gas transportation mission on an aggressive schedule,” said William Chiles, president and chief executive officer of Bristow Group.

“We are excited about this delivery and look forward to putting the new S-76D with its enhanced capabilities into our operations around the world,” added Chiles.

“The S-76D helicopter delivers the safety, reliability and efficiency our customers have come to expect from the S-76 family of aircraft, but with faster cruise speed and a more efficient fuel burn,” added Carey Bond.

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