Basta Holdings signs LOI with Heliflight Peru


Russian Helicopters Mi-171E flying

Basta Holdings has  signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Heliflight Peru SAC to form a joint venture (JV) that will provide ACMI leasing of helicopters throughout Peru.

Heliflight Peru SAC is an aviation company based in Lima that provides Air Transport Service in Special Air Transport and aerial work geared toward the oil, mining and hydropower sector throughout Peru.

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The company’s new joint venture will provide ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance) leasing of MI-17, MI-8-MTV1 and MI-171E helicopters in Peru to provide logistical support, internal and external air cargo for projects that require the transport of cargo and passengers.

Basta Holdings projects that if this new joint venture comes to fruition, it will generate substantial revenues for the company.

Jacob Gitman, president of Basta Holdings, says: “Establishing a joint venture with Heliflight PERU is a very positive development for Basta Holdings as it will enable us to bid on government aviation contracts in Peru, which has a growing market for helicopter leasing due to its large number of mining, oil and gas exploration efforts throughout the nation. We fully expect this venture to generate sizeable revenues as these helicopters provide a swift, safe and efficient solution for our clients as traditional methods are not suitable for certain types of transportation circumstances.”

“Basta’s high-quality staff extensive has experience in carrying out operations to support mining as well as petroleum activities in some of the most remote regions of the world. Our experts will provide efficient technical support geared towards safety and building lasting relationships with clients to help ensure the success of this joint venture and we believe will lead to the securing of additional clients in the future,” adds Gitman.

Heliflight Peru is an aviation company that provides helicopters for VIP/Corporate, Medevac and oil & gas passenger charters it also provides for external load and other aerial work

Basta Holdings provides contract procurement, business development and management services in the aviation and logistics industries.