Enstrom delivers first 480B-G helicopter


first Enstrom 480B-G flying

Enstrom Helicopter Corporation has delivered the first Enstrom 480B-G to a private owner in New Hampshire. The 480B-G is equipped with the Garmin G1000H glass cockpit.

New owner Rick Boswell says: “I’m a tech junkie. When I heard about the Garmin G1000H, I had to have it. Partner it with the Enstrom 480B, and it’s my perfect helicopter.”

Certification of the 480B-G was completed in July 2014, making the 480B-G the only helicopter in its class offering this sophisticated electronic equipment.

Boswell adds: “I learned to fly helicopters in an Enstrom. On my first day of training, I knew this was the right aircraft for me.”

Roger Sharkey of Sharkey’s Helicopters served as Boswell’s instructor. He said: “The 480B has always been a phenomenal ship, rugged and reliable. They have taken the unbeatable reliability of an Enstrom helicopter and paired it with the best avionics suite available today, bar none. This is the future.”

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The entire Enstrom team welcomed Rick and Roger at their manufacturing facility in Menominee, Michigan.

Tracy Biegler, president and CEO of Enstrom, says: “The fine team at Enstrom worked hard to make the 480B-G a reality, and we are excited that you are the first customer for this unparalleled aircraft.”

After his initial flight, Rick’s comments were: “Spectacular! There’s a lot to learn, but after some study time and a few hours flying, it’ll be second nature.”

The paint scheme on the helicopter is in honour of the US Navy Blue Angels display team.

Orlando Alaniz, director of sales and marketing at Enstrom, says: “Rick says the Enstrom 480B is one of the best-kept secrets in the aviation world. That got my attention, and the 480B-G demonstrates we are working to change that.”