Russian Helicopters showcasing firefighting Ka-32


Russian Helicopters Ka-32A-11BC

Russian Helicopters is showcasing the Ka-32A11BC fire-fighting helicopter at Helitech 2014 in Amsterdam.

The Ka-32 helicopter can fight fires from the air, be used as a search and rescue aircraft and even be fitted with a water cannon to help combat fires.

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The helicopter can operate for long periods in difficult, smoky, dusty, conditions. It can be fitted with a wide range of additional specialised equipment, including Bambi-Bucket and Simplex systems, and water cannon for horizontal fire-fighting.

The Ka-32A11BC meets FAR-29 and AP-29 standards, is EASA certified, and has also been certified in Chile, Mexico, South Korea, Canada, Australia and other countries. Ka-32 helicopters are operated successfully in Russia, CIS countries, Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Switzerland, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China and Brazil.

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