Bel Air takes delivery of its first AW189


Bel Air handover of AW189 and signing ceremony at Helitech 2014

Bel Air of Denmark has taken delivery of its first AgustaWestland AW189 during an official ceremony held at Helitech 2014. The aircraft will be used for offshore oil and gas transport missions in the North Sea.

The company will take delivery of the second AW189 shortly.

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Bel Air also signed a preliminary sales contract to purchase a third AW189 at the show.

The cabin is configured with 16 seats as standard with the option for a high density 18 seat layout or a long range 12 seat configuration.

Bel Air was established in 1994 and is a Danish owned offshore helicopter company. It has its main base at Esbjerg Airport and operates flights to oil and gas and wind farm platforms in the North Sea.