Airbus Helicopters working closely with operators


Airbus Helicopters EC225

Airbus Helicopters is working alongside operators of its EC225 and EC725 aircraft to implement the final step of the retrofit solution of the worldwide EC225/EC725 fleet with the redesigned bevel gear vertical shaft, which was certified in April of this year.

Since the previous safety measures were put in place in July 2013, the oil and gas fleet has been progressively returned to service. With the introduction of the new shaft, the previous safety measures and corresponding maintenance actions are no longer necessary.

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The retrofit involves 260 helicopters and will span approximately 18 months in order to safely and efficiently equip all in-service helicopters with the redesigned shaft.

Marie-Agnes Veve, head of the Super Puma and EC225/EC725 programmes at Airbus Helicopters says: “Airbus Helicopters is dedicated to ensuring the safe and high-performing operations of our customers. Our skilled teams are fully mobilized and working closely with them around the world to carry out the retrofits of their EC225s/EC725s in the most efficient manner possible.”

The retrofit is carried out by module or main gear box exchange either during standard maintenance activity or proactively as organised with customers. All new EC225/EC725 helicopters are delivered with the redesigned shaft installed.