Airbus Helicopers renames entire product line


Airbus Helicopters has renamed its entire helicopter product line, dropping its association with Eurocopter, more than a year after changing the company’s name.

The new naming convention brings the helicopter series in-line with the commercial airliner family, by replacing the EC at the beginning of the name with the letter H.

All in-production helicopters have been renamed, with the EC175 becoming the H175, the EC225 becoming the H225, and the X4, which Airbus unveiled during at Heli-Expo 2015, becoming the H160.

Military helicopters will be distinguished by adding the letter M to the end of the type.

Older types will however still keep the EC naming convention.

The new Airbus H generation helicopter names (Image: Airbus)

The new Airbus H generation helicopter names (Image: Airbus)

Airbus is now collectively referring to its helicopters as the ‘H Generation.’

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