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Helicopter London is a unique event. It attracts speakers and delegates that close hundreds of transactions every year and some that are fundamentally reshaping each market.

But the conference does not stop at 6pm. At night the networking steps up and attendees get to see a new side of London.

As well as two elegant cocktail parties, delegates can look forward to the Historic Pub Crawl II (jellied eels and Cornish pasties optional) and the first ever Aircraft Dealmaker’s Dinner.

Although the event is fun, it is also about business. Banks win financing deals, new companies are formed and law firms find new clients.

For two days London will be the centre for aviation dealmakers. And who else offers you Real Ale in a pub that is more than 300 years old?


Preconference – 2nd February 2016

19:00 | The Aircraft Dealmakers Dinner, The Roof Gardens

Cocktail reception hosted by Vedder Price

The first Aircraft Dealmakers Dinner will take place on Tuesday February 2nd at the Roof Gardens in Kensington.

Built in 1936 the gardens are 100 feet above Kensington High Street. The gardens cover 1.5 acres and have trees, ducks and even four flamingos. The Kensington Roof Gardens are just a five minute walk from the Royal Garden Hotel and will give guests fantastic views of London fromRoof-Gardens-Summer-2014 a unique setting.

You will first have cocktails and canapes hosted by Vedder Price in the silver bar at the Clubhouse before moving outside for dinner. In a heated marquee in the Tudor Garden.

After dinner – and perhaps a brief walk around the Spanish Garden or the English Garden (a chance to say hello to the flamingos), the party will move to the dancefloor and cocktail lounge.

A DJ will be playing music and the more adventurous/reckless can also sing karaoke in the Moo lounge. There will also be plenty of quiet space for those looking to talk or enjoy the views.

The event will bring together attendees from both Corporate Jet Investor London and Helicopter Investor London and be a memorable networking occasion.

Day One – 3rd February 2016

18.15 | Cocktail reception hosted by Watson Farley & Williams


20.00 | Historic Pub Crawl II (meet in lobby)

Day Two – 4th February 2016

18.00 | Cocktail reception hosted by AIC Title Service


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