Air Zermatt upgrades H135 upgrade in-house


Air Zermatt has become the first company to upgrade a Airbus Helicopters H135 in-house.

The Swiss Using a kit shipped from Airbus Helicopters factory in Germany, the aircraft has been upgraded from a T2 to a T3.

All previous upgrades, including four for the Bayern Police, have been completed at the Airbus plant in Germany.

Although the aircraft started as a T2, it was first upgraded to a T2+, before being converted to a T3.

“We upgraded the avionics and we did the 1,000-hour inspection at the same time,” said René Lauber, technical director, Zermatt. “The biggest job on the retrofit itself was the modification of the air inlet covers. We were able to do this because we have a technician who is very experienced in composite work.”

The aircraft since flown at least 100 hours since conversion.

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