Heli-Expo – Guangxi Diwang Group signs LOI for ten Bell 525s


Bell 525 Letter of Intent signing ceremony in the hangar at Amarillo, Texas

Bell signed a letter of intent with Guangxi Diwang Group for 10 Bell 525 Relentless helicopters. Guangxi Diwang Group will use the Bell 525s for tourism and SAR missions.

The company is primarily a Commercial Development and Real Estate Investor.

“After learning more about the Bell 525, being able to experience its capabilities in the aircraft’s simulator, and seeing the prototype fly at its production center in Amarillo it was easy to determine that the Bell 525 is the best choice to fill our commercial needs in China. We are eager to incorporate the aircraft into our operations and are confident that it will provide exceptional value and performance for our variety of clients and that Bell Helicopter will be there to support us.” said Hai Lin, chairman, Guangxi Diwang Group.

The first flight of the Bell 525 was on 1 July 2015 and certification of the aircraft is anticipated in 2017.