Heli-Expo – Sikorsky launches program to upgrade an S-76C+ to C++ standard


Sikorsky S-76C++ of China Southern Airlines

Sikorsky has launched a S-76C+ upgrade program. The modification upgrades the helicopter to S-76C++ standard.

The upgrade includes greater take-off and cruising power, as well as higher useful loads.

The S-76C++ adds dual digital engine control units (DECU) and engine inlet barrier filters. This will ensure longer lifecycles for existing C+ aircraft.

The upgrade is a combination of an airframe kit from Sikorsky and a separate upgrade from Turbomeca to remodel the Arriel 2S1 engine to the 2S2 standard.

The 2S2 delivers take-off power at 923 shp, cruise power of 832 shp and a maximum One Engine Inoperative (OEI) rating of 1033 shp. It also features a dual-channel FADEC and a TBO of 3,850 hours.

Both Sikorsky and Turbomeca expect to make their kits available for order in the second quarter of 2016.

Sikorsky has delivered more than 850 S-76s since 1979, including more than 150 C+ and 200 C++ variants. The global fleet total is closing in on 7 million flight hours.

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