Norwegian CHC helicopter crash components arrive at AIBN Lillestrøm facility

CHC Super Puma

Components from the wreckage of the CHC-owned helicopter that crashed closed to Bergen in Norway have been moved to the Accident Investigation Board Norway (AIBN) facility in Lillestrøm. The accident that happed on 29 April claimed 13 lives.

The helicopter parts were transported on two trailers, and arrived and AIBN will now begin the painstaking process of sorting and analysing the components and other information.

The search for components at the accident site is understood to be still ongoing and the main focus for the search is for parts connected to the main gearbox.

Just days after the crash, oil giant Shell suspended all helicopter flights through CHC as a result of the fatal crash. Following the crash CHC filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to allow it time to restructure its financial assets. The company said it expects day-to-day operations to continue without interruption during a court-supervised process.

AIBN said it would “continuously update [its] website with significant information” regarding the investigation.