Bell signs purchase agreement with NNK for two 429s


Nakanihon Air Service (NNK) has signed a purchase agreement with Bell Helicopter for two Bell 429s.

The helicopter emergency service has purchased 77 Bell helicopters, its first purchase in April 1960. Currently, NNK owns and operates 13 Bell helicopters including the 206, 430, 204, 412 and 429 models.

NNK also manages eight Bell 412EP and 412EPls on behalf of the Ministry of Land, Omfrastructure, Transport and Tourism across Japan.

Richard Thornley, Bell Helicopter’s managing director, Japan said: “We are delighted that Nakanihon has purchased two additional Bell 429s, to bring its Bell fleet up to 15 aircraft”

“It is remarkable that our loyal customer, Nakanihon have purchased their seventy-eighth and seventy-ninth Bell helicopters, over a period of nearly 60 years, emphasizing their trust in the Bell product and the support provided by Bell in Japan. Since Nakanihon currently operates a 429 in the HEMS role, it is a huge endorsement for the Bell 429, and its exceptional performance, speed, and low vibration that they have decided to purchase two more for this life-saving mission.”