Traxxall partners with Starlite Aviation


TRAXXALL technologies, a maintenance tracking system provider, has partnered with Starlite Aviation Group.

The group specialises in relief work, HEMS, MEDEVAC and on/offshore gas support helicopter services. Starlite operates 45 aircraft.

Starlite selected TRAXXALL to provide maintenance tracking and inventory management for its fleet after a comparative analysis process.

“We have been using TRAXXALL for several months and are very pleased with the benefits that it delivers,” says Alan O’Neill, group COO for Starlite Aviation Group.

“The system is efficient, cost-effective and user-friendly – and the service is excellent. The TRAXXALL team are very knowledgeable and responsive to our needs. Our aircraft were enrolled quickly and the support has been great. As our fleet has grown, TRAXXALL has grown with us. I am happy to recommend TRAXXALL to aircraft owners and operators who want to track maintenance and manage inventory with greater ease and simplicity.”

The Group fleet comprises Airbus, Bell, Guimbal, Robinson and Sikorsky helicopters and one TAF Sling 2 light fixed-wing aircraft.

“We are proud to be working with the Starlite team,” continues Mark Steinbeck, President, TRAXXALL. “Starlite operates a large fleet across multiple locations and has developed an expertise in operating under the most challenging circumstances, most notably life-saving HEMS missions. It is an honor to be supporting an industry leader and to be contributing to the excellence of Starlite’s operations.”