HeliValue$ report better sales, worse resales


AgustaWestland AW189

The helicopter valuation company, HeliValue$ has reported a steady improvements to the market, especially in the light single and twin engine space.

Light single and twin engine models have been boosted due to an active fire season in North America and medium and heavy aircraft seen growth, specifically in the offshore market. The used corporate helicopter space have also seen sales increase.

The used market overall is taking a hit due to continued impacts from the recession, the loss of mineral and exploration contracts, and the oil and gas downturn.  – HeliValue$ reported.

Leasing continues to be the go to operating solution, affecting  the resale market, specifically OEMs, brokers and consultants. New sales have also been affected.

A HeliValue$ spokesperson said: “What is becoming more and more obvious is that leasing companies are changing the face of the helicopter resale market.  The result is that most new deliveries are going to leasing companies and municipalities rather than operators and the resale market continues to be stagnant”

The update also reveals that most oil companies will not be reintroducing the Airbus H225 into its fleet, instead using other medium/super medium helicopters. Despite Norway and the UK lifting plans on the H225. Operators are instead moving towards the S-92 and AW-139.