Enstrom Helicopter signs six Enstrom 480B-G contract


first Enstrom 480B-G flying

Enstrom Helicopter has signed a contract for six 480B-G turbine helicopters with LOM PRAHA TRADE in the Czech Republic. Enstrom’s representatives in the Czech Republic, Dan Tucek and Roland VanHees from DSA, provided the coordination for marketing, flight demonstrations, sales support and contract negotiations for this programme.

The Enstrom 480B-G is equipped with the Garmin G1000H, offering glass cockpit capability.

Miroslav Hejna, CEO of LOM PRAHA TRADE, said: “We looked at several aircraft models prior to deciding on the Enstrom 480B-G. We believe the aircraft and the Enstrom team are the best choice for the long term.”

The contract has two 480B-G helicopters to be delivered in early 2018, followed by four later that year. It includes spares, tools and both pilot and maintenance training at the factory. LOM PRAHA TRADE will be using four of the six Enstrom 480B-Gs for training military pilots.

Tracy Biegler, president and CEO of Enstrom, added: “The Enstrom 480B has proven to be the perfect ship for training in the military setting. Moving from the 480 to a larger aircraft provides a seamless transition.”

The remaining two aircraft will be used by LOM PRAHA TRADE for pilot training.

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