VNH South completes Indonesian fire fighting contract


State-owned Southern Vietnam operator VNH South has completed a fire fighting contract for PT. Komala.

The two Mi-172s placed with the Indonesian charter firm were ferried from Dumai and Pekanbaru in Indonesia to Vung Tau Airport after the contract ended.

This was the second consecutive year that the operator has provided aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance for fire-fighting, passenger and cargo transport in Indonesia.

The two Mi-172s has performed over 500 flying hours over the contract period from April to October 2017.

Capt. Kieu Dang Hung, director of VNH South said: “Signing contracts for 2 consecutive years with PT. Komala Indonesia and receiving customer’s positive appraisals proves we are going in the right direction. This chance has let us enhance operations efficiency of helicopter fleet, consolidate the trust of our regional customers and partners.”

Operator response:

Edwin Komala, director of PT. Komala Indonesia said: “VNH South’s Pilots had excellent performance in fire fighting flights and well coordinating with other teams from Ukraine, Singapore… in fire expanding areas. Efficiency in water bombing had reached high level to ensure the fire isolated. Besides that, VNH South’s technicians and ground team were always ready to handle technical issues to optimise flying time and enable the helicopters’s continuous performance without cease.”

VNH South entered into the contract with PT. Komala following a decline in domestic oil and gas helicopter services, claiming that demand has declined by nearly half.

In 2018, VNH South will be joining a bidding war to provide further fire fighting services in Indonesia. it also plans to branch off into offshore services, cargo and equipment transportation.