Airbus ceases H120 production


Airbus Helicopters has ended serial production of the H120.

It ceased production after it cleared its orderbook, delivering the last H120 in September from the Airbus factory in Marignane, France.

Airbus decided to end production of the helicopter as part of its ongoing strategy to focus on its newer and more successful single-engine models, specifically the H125 and H130. The company said it will continue to improve these aircraft.

Airbus says it is still committed to supporting customers and the existing fleet of 700 H120s.

A spokesperson said in a statement: “We remain fully committed to support our customers and the global fleet of over 700 H120s with the same level of service worldwide – including spares, repairs, technical manuals and training.”

H120 summary

The Airbus H120 (formally the EC120 B) started production in 1995 and entered service in 1998. Throughout the period, it cemented itself as a go-to single-engine helicopter for law enforcement missions. It was designed to offer greater mission flexibility, lower fuel consumption and operating costs than other single-engine offerings at the time.

The H120 saw most work in private and business aviation, law enforcement and flight training operations.