CityAirbus ready for electric propulsion tests


Airbus has completed and powered on its on-ground test bench for its upcoming VTOL CityAirbus, readying the aircraft for electric propulsion verification testing.

The first full electric test bench for CityAirbus will be able to operate the aircraft’s propulsion systems, allowing for its electric, mechanical and thermal dynamics to be tested and verified.

Following its testing at the “iron bird” test facility, Airbus looks to incorporate the propulsion system onto a demonstrator aircraft by mid-2018.

Development updates

Development of the demonstrator aircraft for the CityAirbus is well underway. The structural parts of the aircraft have been produced and are ready to be assembled. Airbus has reassured that the CityAirbus is still on track to fly before the end of 2018.

Back in October, Airbus also completed testing of the propeller and duct system for the demonstrator.

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