Russian Helicopters completes Mi-171E2 flight tests


Russian Helicopters has completed flight tests of its multi-role Mi-171E2 helicopter.

The tests took place at the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant (UUAP) in Buryatia, Russia where, in total, the helicopter flew 45 test missions over a 50-hour period.

The Mi-171E2 is the latest update to the Mi-171 series. This variant is fitted with a new power unit and rotor system. The helicopter sports VK-2500PS-03 engines that are able to support higher altitudes and offer increased power, a new full-authority digital engine control system and new polymeric-composite main rotor blade and tail rotor.

Performance improvements across the board. Engineers noted a increase in operating efficiency, improvements in controllability and manoeuvrability.

Andrey Boginsky, CEO of Russian Helicopters, said: “Due to its improved performance characteristics, Mi-171Е2 may be interesting for government agencies using helicopters. While creating the new helicopter, we made allowance for the specific character of operation of earlier delivered UUAP helicopters in high-altitude countries such as China, Pakistan, Iran and Latin American states.

“New engines and a rotor system of Mi-171Е2 offer improved opportunities for using the helicopter at high altitudes with high air temperature, and therefore I’m sure that it will be widely used in high-mountain and hot-climate conditions.”

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